Cintas Design

Cintas Design revolutionizes the corporate uniform design process, allowing sales reps to work with customers to build custom uniform programs in real time.

Cintas had a pretty easy problem to diagnose. Their sales reps spent months with customers showing them costly printed catalogues and going through multiple rounds of review. The purchase cycle was way too long. The iPad seemed a perfect platform to shorten this process and cut down on printed materials. The trick was to streamline the design process and allow for an extremely customizable solution that could be designed in collaboration with the customer.

Cintas Design for iPad solves this problem, allowing for easy catalogue browsing, searches by keyword and SKU, easy uniform program design within a customer's environment, and multiple output options including PDF and text.

Initial results from Cintas show a big jump in sales, a shorter buying cycle, and consideration of Cintas as a technology leader in the garment industry.

Project Details